Online Medical Equipment Provider

An online medical equipment provider helped people with required purchase of the products at affordable prices when paying out-of-pocket for their supplies. They wanted to improve customer service, streamlined operations with us.






Prior to using Dreamwares, the provider had no communication internally. Manual transfers of data were performed multiple times per day to keep the business running, but it was prone to error, and often times had the company operating several hours behind real time. Their previous ecommerce system allowed them to perform only 50 orders at a time.




We created a Dynamics Portal which would display products available and enable customers to place orders. Search and Filter were the facilities provided on the page. A notification was sent to the responsible user on placement of the order. Easy track of inventory, purchase and warehouses was made possible. Now, major business processes are conducted properly and without the constraints of system or time.


Now they have the more efficient order fulfillment process in place that provides its customers with faster shipping and more timely notifications of their order status.


Customers receive an improved experience due to a new user interface and mobile optimization, allowing user-friendly catalog navigation, checkout and order placement.

Real Estate and Property Portal




A company leading in commercial space leasing and operations struggled to manage their listings and offerings. They used a lot of paperwork thereby increasing the time required and reducing the overall efficiency.




Establish a specific business process that would be accepted by the company. Automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency.




Since the company had local presence we decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The system was installed on-premise on the existing system that the company used. Specific business processes were mapped out and incorporated into Guided Processes. A custom portal was setup for the listings and offerings that interacted with the Dynamics Platform.


GoCardless Payment Integration with Dynamics 365


Organization needed a CRM to support their users to quickly update the activities, manage all finance related operations with seamless integration with GoCardless.




We suggested the organization to go with Dynamics CRM to fit the user requirement. Created required entities and customized existing ones with easy and familiar terminology that would make the user comfortable. Created GoCardless Connector in Power Automate and GoCardless Webhook which would trigger the Power Automate Flow whenever the Payment status changes. Related Invoice was updated depending on the paid amount. And payment details were synced in Dynamics 365 in Payment Entity Related to Invoice. Also daily flow was set up to check if any invoice was due; if yes then user was notified through email.

CRM Implementation For Debt Recovery




Debt Recovery Company needed a new CRM system with automated emailing, customized email templates and custom template for invoice. Required a new CRM to work smart by capturing relevant information. Provision to allow clients to login and see what has been done on their case i.e how many calls have been made, who’s been assigned the case, when last updated, ability to ask a question about their case.




We suggested using Dynamics 365 as CRM that would go for their requirement. Created users and set up their related permission. Customized the D365 account to match the existing system terminologies. Customized existing entities. Created custom Entities – Fees, Debts, Credits that were related to Client, Case and Debitor. Workflow was created to send automated email to responsible users every time the status of the case was updated.


Send automated email to client if invoice was not paid in said ‘Term’. Also notification was sent to user notifying invoice payment due using Power Automate Flow. Template for Invoice was created to match users’ prototype. Portal for clients was setup that allowed them to login and see the progress done on their cases and provision for them to upload the related case files. Customized Dashboard for a better view of the system.


Customer Support Portal


Electricity Distribution Company needed a system to provide their customers an easy way to register the claims, complaints and enquiries and also have a track of them.




We created MS D365 Portal that would register the customer and log them into their account to track the progress of their enquiries, claims and complaints. Also the registered enquiries were created as cases in CRM and assigned and notified to the responsible user. This enhanced the productivity of the company and made it easier to satisfy and answer customers more wisely.

Customer Feedback Reporter


Power Supplying Company needed a system to get customer feedback so that they can have a track of the customer satisfaction.




We created Forms Pro Surveys that would be sent when case is resolved, through Power Automate Flows. Occasionally, when the company had maintenance done in some area they wanted to send the survey to the customers of that particular area. For this an On-Demand Flow was created. Flows would check if the survey was sent to customers in particular period of time and then depending on the preferred option for sending the survey, the survey was sent by either email or sms. We used the “Email to SMS” feature of Message Media for sending surveys if the preferred option selected was SMS.


On Field Contract Service Portal


A Power Supply Setup company wanted a mechanism wherein their customers could place orders and approve the designs suggested by the company so that they could work on them.




We created MS D365 Portal for customers to login and place their requirement. When a customer places their requirements a case will be created and assigned and notified to the project manager. Whenever the Project manager would designate the designer for the project the notification is sent to Designer as well as the customer. Designer would work on the requirement to create a design suitable for the requirements given and will upload it on the case and the customer will be notified of the attached design. Once a customer reviews the design he could cancel or accept the design. On the portal he was given an ability to upload an acceptance certificate and any other relevant document for the designer to understand the requirement.


Workflows were used for sending notifications to customer and internal system users.

Qlik, GoogleSheet and Dynamics Integration



Analyze all the data on the Dynamics 365 account using Qlik.




Used Power Automate Flow that was responsible for creating the records in Google SpreadSheet, that were created/updated in D365. Created Qlik Web Connector for Google SpreadSheet, with the help of which data from Google SpreadSheet was uploaded on the Qlik account.


Dynamics 365 Integration with Business Central


A company had Business Central as their financing module and they used Dynamics 365 For Sales for all the other marketing and sales processes. They wanted to streamline both the accounts wherein the items present in Business central with the available stock and price should be shown in Dynamics 365 account while creating any order or an invoice. They also wanted to synchronize sales orders created in Dynamics 365 with Business Central.




We went by Business Central Integration Solution, set up Dynamics 365 for Sales connection string and mapped the entities and their field that needed to be synchronized either bi-directionally or only one particular direction. Also the synchronization was scheduled for each table based on the frequency of changes that were made into BC and D365.

Banking and Mortgage Approval Process


A finance company needed a system hosted on Microsoft Cloud that would enable them to effectively carry out all the banking operations. They wanted to send email or sms notification as per user’s preference to notify deposits done, EMI due and EMI deducted. They also wanted a mobile app so that their customers could easily manage their accounts and apply for any schemes that were provided by the firm. They wanted to send promotional push notification related to Loan and Mortgage Schemes. They wanted to calculate interest and EMI easily and effectively.


Analyze all the data on the Dynamics 365 account using Qlik.




A .NET Service hosted on Azure was responsible for collecting pertinent form data, an internal review and approval process through OCR Service and update of the pertinent data directly into Dynamics 365 account. We used Azure functions to connect with external services, Azure Application Insights for instant analytics, Azure SQL Database, Azure Notification Hubs to send SMS, email & push notifications, Azure Service Bus to communicate with all components in a manageable way. D365 Portal was created for their customers to easily access their account and apply for loans. Also the Canvas app was created that provided customers with the facility of managing their funds and applying for loans.


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