Use of Power BI for Financial Company


One of the financial companies having 1500 resources struggled to provide their employees with insight into both individual and company performance. Any KPIs that were available did not provide accurate results. Data was not trusted.

The company knew about Microsoft Dynamics but were not sure how to start with. They contacted us to find a solution to their problem.




We standardized their KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) using DAX formulas and now they were available instantly via Power BI. We helped this client to implement an accelerated data warehouse using SQL Server 2016, high performance tabular reports and visually appealing Power BI Dashboards, standard Power BI visual and custom visual. Provided advanced filtering options to users using date and year slicer.


Due to this, there was a drastic improvement in efficiency. They could prepare their budgets more quickly.


Reporting with Power BI


A firm designs a comprehensive range of soft home textile products. They accelerate the latest design, fashion, colour and product trends to market. They provide product solutions for retailers by following procurement, shipping, distribution and administration processes. Most of the Sales and Stock reports were prepared in MS Excel spreadsheets. Every week they have to collect all data together and assemble it into Excel sheets.




To resolve the above problems, and replace the reliance of Excel, we implemented a business intelligence solution. Due to this, we were able to reduce labour costs, dramatically improving accuracy and timing of reports.


All reports were available to users on demand via a browser. The majority of reports are product and customer based, covering data such as invoice sales histories, amount paid till now, current stock on hand and weekly stocks cover. Also generated visually appealing Power BI Dashboards using map, card, charts and custom visual. Provide advanced search as per keywords.



Dynamics 365 Implementation for a Company




A Company has many territories in the US with thousands of financial advisors each. They want to better target, prioritize, & systematically manage all their contacts as well as streamline their real time reporting capabilities. Their initial challenge was to merge thousands of advisors into a single CRM platform. And then reporting and managing their thousands of business contacts.




We focused on combining Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement with Power BI, Power-Pack Add-ons, and PowerSuccess.


Add-ons like Power Email, PowerMailChimp, and PowerScore enabled a team of 15 to effectively manage 50,000 Financial Advisors. Reporting made simplified with Power BI.


With PowerSuccess, their dedicated systems engineer’s depth of knowledge about XYZ systems allows for real-time, proactive enhancements to CRM.

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