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Dynamics 365


Dreamwares provides implementation & Technology Consulting Solutions on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to automate entire sales and support processes. We also help companies to create a custom solution. With our strategic and integration experience to complement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll have a solution that can be quickly implemented to help increase productivity and profits. And since Dynamics also integrates easily with familiar applications like Microsoft Office and Outlook™, your team can begin seeing results in a shorter span of time.


Our dedicated Dynamics CRM Development team has executed multiple projects, which utilize the existing features of Dynamics CRM and pass on the time benefit to the customers.


We have strong expertise in various industry domains in the areas of CRM, Business Processes, productivity measures, sales force effectiveness etc.

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A maintenance company wanted an app for their field technician to keep track of the ongoing and upcoming work-orders to be completed. So that, even if the technicians are on site they still would be able to update the requirements, status of the work and their availability.


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Power BI


One of the financial companies having 1500 resources struggled to provide their employees with insight into both individual and company performance. Any KPIs that were available did not provide accurate results. Data was not trusted.


The company knew about Microsoft Dynamics but were not sure how to start with. They contacted us to find a solution to their problem.


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Power Automate


There was a XYZ Global Company wanted to automate their Work Completion of sites across the region.


Contractors working on multiple sites across the global regions are required to submit Work Completion Details to confirm completed jobs and then send payment of associated work orders. They were submitting Work Order Completion details as a scanned form via email to multiple people depending on the region. Data entry of scanned form was manual which was causing inaccuracy, loss of efficiency etc.


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CRM Portals


A health consultant wanted a portal through which its patients can view their medical history, view medication detail and choose the therapist for the treatment. They also wanted the ability to send promotional sms and emails to notify their patients about upcoming health camps or schemes.


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XYZ marketing department was struggling with the complexity and user-friendliness of their marketing automation. They have wide email communications with different email campaigns. They also wanted to improve how website captures lead. They wanted to improve the integration between marketing and Sales Processes.


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