Health Consultant Patient Service Portal

A health consultant wanted a portal through which its patients can view their medical history, view medication detail and choose the therapist for the treatment. They also wanted the ability to send promotional sms and emails to notify their patients about upcoming health camps or schemes.



We opted with D365. Customized existing entities and create a few new ones. Used easy naming terminologies so that the user could easily adapt to the system. We created a D365 Portal for the patient to register and login. According to the patient diseases physicians were allocated to patients. Though on the portal, list of relevant physicians were listed depending on patient disease, yet every patient was given an ability to choose a physician from the list. Patients were given an ability for posting their enquiries regarding health so that the consultant can help them. Workflows were created to send reminders for the appointment scheduled to the patient. Also whenever a health awareness camp was organized, all the patients were informed via email or sms depending on the patient’s preferred way of communication.

e-Course Registration Website

A training firm wanted to start training their students online. They wanted to have a record of all the courses and students. They wanted a website wherein they can provide info related to all the courses and the ability for students to register for the courses, login to their account and view the details related to courses opted and their ongoing progress.


We set up the Dynamics 365 Account for the firm, customized existing entities and created a few new ones to fit the users requirement. Dynamics CRM Portal was created to showcase the courses offered and the path for students to register for the course. A workflow was created to send the notification to the admin whenever a student registers for the course. Each course taken by the student and their progress over it can be viewed. Students can post their enquiries.


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